Monday, April 26, 2010

Episode 38

We interview Rhys Southan, ex-vegan author of the blog Let Them Eat Meat, and relay a brief dispatch from an observer of San Francisco's most recent Tea Party protest.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Episode 37

Our uploading software decided to be a finicky little beyatch last night, so the podcast is a casual late-riser today. But hey, it's still Monday, right?

It's a lovely day in San Francisco! We endure the enraging bemusement that is Haight Street and discuss Jordan's fashion crisis. We come up with the only logical conclusion, which is, of course, post-apocalyptic cat lady style. Also, crafts, emailzes, wedding advice, movie reviews, we meet a cute punk girl, and more!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some videos and links from recent and future episodes

We roll fast and loose on The Cosmopolitan Hour, and we realize sometimes you nerdy squares can't keep up with our totally extreme, radical ways. Sorry, babe, that's just how we live.

Here are some videos/links/experiences referenced over the past couple of episodes so you can try to keep up. It's ok to take notes if you have to.

Episode 36-

I talked about the surreal experience of smelling my own teeth melting in the dentist chair while listening to Marc Maron and seeing this horrifing thing not once, but three fucking times.

Giant Clam JIZZING INTO THE OCEAN (the horror starts at 0:29):

The worst part? After about four hours, my dentist says, "you know, I probably should have given you some valium to take." As if the thought just occurred to him. I'm not sure if I needed the valium more for the oral surgery or the clam jizz.

Episode 37-

In tomorrow's episode there is a brief and vague reference to a video having to do with a cat and curry. I assure you, it's all above board. Better than that, it's adorable! And Japanese! You know they don't do shit halfway over there.

Curry Neko!

And here's some crafty links so you can get started on your post-apocalyptic cat lady look at home!

Just check out Silje at Little Bird Crafts. She is so adorable and crafty and gorgeous and badass. But are you surprised? She's a Scandinavian.

You should also look at MrXStich, which I recommended to Jordan after we stopped recording and our cabana boys came out to rub hot oil into our shoulders and blend some ice cold Strawberry-Macadamia ChiChis while we stroked the softest kittens in the world. This blog showcases some of the most experimental, next-level shit in the world of cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, quilting; well, pretty much anything to with threads and fabrics and needles.

Episode 37 is coming tomorrow! Yes, for real. Like, we actually recorded it and it's edited and everything. Gosh, we're so on top of it these days. We even manage to feed and clothe ourselves!

xoxo Erika

Monday, April 12, 2010

Episode 36

Erika's back from her Utah roadtrip, and the ladies shoot the shit about adultery and feminism in the media, as well as Mormonism, little people, and some other random craziness.