Monday, August 29, 2011

Vida Vegan Conference Special Part 1!

We came! We saw! We talked! Now you too can experience (or re-live) the exciting events of Vida Vegan Conference 2011. Join us as for pre-flight drinks in Oakland, an opening address from hysterical bitch Laura Beck of Vegansaurus!, a sneak peek at the hottest new linguistics trend courtesy of Ben from Suicide Food, and much, much more. We had a blast making this, we hope you have half as much fun listening!

Listen to Part 1 of the Vida Vegan Con Special now!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're TV stars!

Hey everyone! We're having a blast here at Vida Vegan Con (what else is new?), and we just recorded a mini promo video! Now you can watch voices come OUT OF FACES. It's a whole new Cosmopolitan Hour experience! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?!?!

Watch our short video! It's only about 4 minutes. How can you say no to that? What else would you do with 4 minutes? Give someone CPR? Get a life, you jerk!

Having a blast at Vida Vegan Con!

The plan was to upload snippets and photos to the blog throughout the weekend, but holy shmoley! These fine ladies have been keeping us busy with fun events and simply talking with friends old and new. Suffice to say we are having the time of our lives. For realz.

The good news is that Erika has already begun editing the first part of our VVC special episode(s?), and we will be uploading a new episode to make love to your ears, right on schedule, tomorrow!

We'll also be uploading some fun photos and!!! Linking to a short video that we just recorded for the live stream!

(it's okay, you can watch it again even though it's no longer live.)

Thanks for listening, and stay golden!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Have a Winner!

This was really, really hard. Seriously! It sounds like something cliched people say after contests, but to quote Crackers in Pink Flamingos, we "wouldn't shit ya." We wish everyone who entered could attend- and even though we can only give away one more entry to the Con, we sincerely hope to meet and mingle with all of you at all the public events and in the bee-yootiful Portland area this weekend!

That said, we proudly announce that celyn, you are going to Vida Vegan Con this weekend! It was a close race, but ultimately celyln's tale of selflessly spending a small fortune on her ailing kitty's medical care won us over- vegans are suckers for a sick kitty story, and Jordan and I are no exception. In fact, we've both shared your experience of forgoing our own health insurance while paying dearly for our befurred ones' care, and we know from experience that if anyone has earned a mini-vacation, it's you.

Congratulations to celyn, and thank you deeply to everyone who participated. We are truly thankful for everything you do for the vegan community and, most importantly, the animals! We look forward to meeting you all this weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hello! My name is Erika and my friend Jordan and I do a once-in-a-weekly podcast called The Cosmopolitan Hour. We have exciting news at this late hour!

We are procrastinators. I mean, obviously. But we’ve got our reasons: Jordan is biking 30-60 miles a day to train for the Ride to the Light Three-Sanctuary Century; and I am working my way through the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer on Netflix from the comfort of my beer can fort; not to mention we both work full time. You may be like us. You are busy, or float around happily with your head in the clouds, or perhaps come from a dimension that experiences time differently than we do in ours. Whatever the reason, time slips away from you. You needed to get to Vida Vegan Con, you meant to, and you didn’t.

But you still could.
A good procrastinator always has a good reason (Id., Buffy). Just give us your best reason in the comments below. That’s it. Give us a reason to give you the last ticket to Vida Vegan Con 2011.

Here are the rules:

1. This giveaway is for one entry to the conference only. The winner must be in the Portland area or able to get to the Portland area and house themselves for the conference. Seriously: Do not enter this contest if you cannot get to Portland by this weekend (that’s Portland, Oregon. Just to be clear).

2. Jordan and I are the judges. Our whims are unpredictable and fanatical, and you are at our mercy. So it’s best to just be honest and be yourself.

3. Your comment must be posted by Midnight PST tonight! The winner will be announced Wednesday at Noon PST. And we really will try to make that deadline!

4. Your entry must fit in the comment box! Keep it brief, and beautifully punctuated, and leave us wanting more. We will say, “my goodness, we must meet this charming internet stranger. They gave us just the right amount of scintillating detail that we must learn more from them, immediately, and therefore they wiiiiiiiiin!”

Some examples of good reasons:

“Last Chanakah, my husband cashed in his frequent flier miles to buy me a ticket to Portland, but I had spent my Vida Vegan Con money on a handsome faux-leather carrying case for his frequent flier card. Oh, the bitter irony!”

“My bastard boss wouldn’t let me know if I could take this week off until too late. Now he changed his mind and has told me it is in fact the only time off I am allowed all year until Christmas.”

“I’m passionate about veganism and looking to build a community with friends and colleagues this weekend. I never thought I would make it out to Portland from Allentown, but after my surprise quickie wedding to a flight attendant in Atlantic City last month, I can fly when I want, where I want!”

So what are you waiting for? Go!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Episode 70

We relocate to yet another exciting bar to delegate super powers, discuss the Bay Area Rapid Transit's shortcomings (namely: BART cops keep killing civilians), and some other stuff, all while keeping a shrewd eye on the SFPD while they attempt to hassle commuter cyclists.

Click Here to Listen to Episode 70.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011