Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Have a Winner!

This was really, really hard. Seriously! It sounds like something cliched people say after contests, but to quote Crackers in Pink Flamingos, we "wouldn't shit ya." We wish everyone who entered could attend- and even though we can only give away one more entry to the Con, we sincerely hope to meet and mingle with all of you at all the public events and in the bee-yootiful Portland area this weekend!

That said, we proudly announce that celyn, you are going to Vida Vegan Con this weekend! It was a close race, but ultimately celyln's tale of selflessly spending a small fortune on her ailing kitty's medical care won us over- vegans are suckers for a sick kitty story, and Jordan and I are no exception. In fact, we've both shared your experience of forgoing our own health insurance while paying dearly for our befurred ones' care, and we know from experience that if anyone has earned a mini-vacation, it's you.

Congratulations to celyn, and thank you deeply to everyone who participated. We are truly thankful for everything you do for the vegan community and, most importantly, the animals! We look forward to meeting you all this weekend.


  1. I keep having to re-read this post to make sure I'm reading it properly. I am so happy and excited and thankful, and it's going to be wonderful to thank you both in person!

  2. Congratulations, Celyn - I hope you have a blast. :)