Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Your Money: Give Us It.

Please stay tuned for an important message from The Cosmopolitan Hour:

We like to drink. We like to podcast. We think we do the latter better when we combine it with the former.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, Jordan and Erika have provided you with quality (and not-so-quality) ruminations on our world from a feminist and vegan perspective. We've talked with such vegan luminaries and Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Laura Beck. We've reviewed vegan books and movies. Most importantly, we've kept you up to date on the things that bother us, the people who really matter, and we've used a lot of bad words doing it.

We recently realized that while some podcasts are fundraising for fancy microphones and editing equipment, we’ve been giving away our golden voices and platinum-plated ideology for free, like suckers! So it’s time to start paying up, listeners.

We want to drink more beer so that we can bring you more and higher quality entertainment. Sure, we could pay for it with our own money, that we get from working jobs, but why would we do that when there are people out there willing to throw money at us simply by virtue of our having voiced a desire to receive it?

[Actually, we’re not really asking for beer money. We’re audacious assholes, don’t get us wrong, but even we have our limits. We’re really going to give the money to the coordinators of Vida Vegan Con, a vegan blogging conference, to sponsor a low-income ticket to this year’s sold-out event. Podcasting should be free to do- and learn- for everyone.]

What, you want a kickback? We can arrange that. Here is our tiered prize system:

$1-25 will get you a mention and corresponding adulation on the podcast (unless you don't want us to).

$25 will get you a super duper Cosmopolitan Hour t-shirt!

If you want to give more than $25, then holy crap, you spoil us, Ambassador! We would, I don’t know, take you to one of the Bay Area’s premiere tiki bars and proceed to work our way through both the drinks menu and the spectrum of human emotions. It would start with a Macadamia Chi Chi and an “I love you, man!” and end with a Borneo Fogcutter and “I never realized that I needed to forgive my parents,” with a Scorpion Bowl and “I mean, we’re all the same, really” somewhere in between. [Yeah, that sounds about right].

So uh, yeah. Give us money. So we can give it to someone who deserves it. That is all.


  1. I tried to donate and it just takes me to my PayPal page! Do you guys have an email address associated with it? Am I just dumb?

  2. oh ho! I'll confer with Erika, and we'll figure it out, Meg! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. hey, did the donation thing ever get figured out? i wanted to donate, but had the same issue as meg above. thanks! :)

  4. Yep, I have this question as well!

  5. it looks like the link on the side bar to the right works correctly, though the one in the post does not. just fyi!