Monday, February 1, 2010

Episode 31

We delve into the terrifying minds of ex-vegans and say some really crazy stuff to be noticed by them. We also do some more hatin’ on Whole Foods CEO Wacky John Mackey. A blast from the past as Erika talks about R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike books and reviews 1987 instant classic The Monster Squad. RIP Howard Zinn.

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  1. I remember the Monster Squad! I've probably seen that movie at least 5 times. I love the sheer late 80's awesomeness of it. I'd like to say I saw it when it came out because I was only 10 or 11, but no, I'm pretty sure I was in high school the first time I caught it on TV, and I'd still watch it now.

    I also still had secret parties with My Little Ponies until I was in high school. I kind of wish I had them again now. I'd add them to my lego collection.

  2. hey ladiez!
    nice show. i am not backin' john mackey's new "fitness plan," but you should know the plan is meant as an added incentive. employee's receive 20% off everything at all stores across the board, nothing is being taken away from them. his plan gives those that meet the stupid BMI requirement up to 10% more. i liked your idea of giving everyone a bigger discount on healthier things like produce...that sounds really smart.